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Cadet Programs

Mission: Transform youth into dynamic Americans and aerospace leaders

Because Rutland is a composite squadron, we have a full set of programs for both cadets (age to join 12 to 18) and senior members (age 18 and above).

Program highlights:

  • Orientation flights in small aircraft and gliders
  • Opportunity for further pilot education, up to and including private pilot license (extra cost)
  • Aerospace knowledge
  • Leadership development
  • Character development
  • Opportunity to participate in emergency services in age-appropriate roles


Annual dues of $37; some assistance is available with uniform costs and overnight activity fees; a fully-active cadet could incur $300 to $600 in costs during the first year, less any financial assistance. The squadron has some uniforms available to be issued, but not every size is available.

Further information

For further information, see the national Cadet Programs website. You will be leaving the .gov domain.

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