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In most activities, members of the Civil Air Patrol wear uniforms. The uniforms identify us to the public and build esprit de corps. Another CAP squadron, the Hanscom Composite Squadron in Massachusetts, has created a helpful uniform guide. (This link will leave the .gov domain.)

Hanscom's guide emphasizes cadet uniforms. Senior members wear uniforms as well. Since adults usually are not eligible for financial assistance for uniforms, seniors have the option of wearing "corporate" uniforms instead of Air-Force-style uniforms. Corporate uniforms are often less expensive, and may take advantage of clothing the member already owns (such as a blue blazer or gray slacks).

Before purchasing any uniform (or any other equipment) for use in Civil Air Patrol, be sure to come to our meetings (Thursday, 6 PM, Civil Air Patrol building at Rutland Southern Vermont Regional Airport) to see if Civil Air Patrol is really for you, and get ideas about the most economical options.

CAP's official uniform regulation can be downloaded as a PDF. Our utility uniforms have been the BDU, first used in the 1980s. We are transitioning to the Airman Battle Uniform (ABU). This PDF document explains the transition process. New members don't need to delve into these detailed documents; the information you need will be provided by Rutland Composite Squadron leadership. (These links will download PDFs from our national website, which is outside the .gov domain).

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